About Us

Brookline Branch Services is a commercial real estate company focused on serving banks. Brookline has built a strong foundation of experience and is uniquely qualified to understand a broad spectrum of bank owned real estate assets. A relationship oriented company with a reputation for performance and for honoring original terms negotiated, Brookline has developed significant and long term relationships with partners, lenders, brokers, and many other industry professionals. Brookline is focused on providing real estate services that both compliment and strengthen institutions’ financial, operational, and strategic initiatives.

With a long term investment strategy, an understanding of the fundamentals, a disciplined approach, and a strong analytical foundation balanced with a creative perspective, Brookline has been successful in both adding and maintaining long term value throughout its entire portfolio. Maintaining an extensive network of industry professionals who understand the complexities and the strategic initiatives of the financial services sector, we stay ahead of the curve by continually monitoring industry trends and news through every source available.

Brookline’s value is in its unique ability to source, create, and maximize long term results. Furthermore, with a fully integrated group of services Brookline is able to execute on strategies and efficiently respond to the needs of its clients. With over 40 years of real estate experience, Brookline ensures that the inherent risks of real estate ownership are both quantified and mitigated. Brookline drives the oversight and execution of all activity to ensure long term value for its client institutions.

Brookline’s Competency Structure

Poised for further growth, Brookline invites the chance to review any new opportunities where it can add value and bring a fresh creative perspective.


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